If you bought a holiday before 27/03/2024, find out more about cancellation insurance HERE


Insurance is very important if you want to leave with a clear mind! We really advise you to take a look to find out how it works.

Captain Wild is not an insurer, but we work with experts to make sure you leave with peace of mind.

We are a travel agency, and like any agency, it is our duty to offer you cancellation insurance and repatriation assistance. It's a legal requirement.

But as this is not our business, we use an external insurance agency, KOALA Assurances annulation and AVA assurances rapatriement et assistance. When you take out insurance on our site, it's with KOALA and AVA that you take out insurance. They're pros at what they do.

Find them on and

Repatriation assistance insurance

Should I take repatriation assistance insurance to participate in the trip?

Yes, you need to be covered for stays. The good news is that we can offer you AVA SPORT+ insurance for your stay (when you sign up for a stay).

You can choose to take out your own insurance, but you'll have to send us the certificate by e-mail. Please note that not all insurance policies cover the sports we practice.

What is included for assistance and repatriation?

We're passionate about our sports, but the natural playing field can be risky. That's why we offer you AVA SPORT+ insurance.

Unlike basic repatriation assistance (which you may have on your bank card or other card), AVA SPORT+ covers the activities and sports we offer, including search and rescue costs.

Find all coverages and exclusions HERE before making your choice

The SPORT+ guarantee also covers the sports you'll find on this site, and improves search and rescue costs in the event of a mishap up to €25,000.

How much does repatriation assistance insurance cost?

Price depends on location and number of days of stay

  • Destination France: 3€/day/person and minimum 15€/person
  • Destination Europe: €3/day/person and minimum €20/person
  • World destinations excluding USA/CANADA: 6€/day/person and minimum 40€/person
  • Destination USA/CANADA: €9/day/person and minimum €60/person

Cancellation insurance

How can I purchase cancellation insurance?

If you can't make it on the day, your cancellation insurance will reimburse you. Captain Wild cannot reimburse you if you don't come. The cost of your stay has already been paid in advance to our service providers.

You can take out this KOALA insurance when you register for one of our holidays.

Cancellation insurance without receipts

You can take out a cancellation insurance policy when you register for a holiday. KOALA will reimburse you if you can't make it on the day.

This insurance reimburses you 90% of the cost of your stay (excluding the cost of insurance), with no need for supporting documents.

Please note that you cannot be reimbursed by this insurance less than 48 hours before departure (and you cannot subscribe to it during this period).

Find out more HERE before making your choice

How much does cancellation insurance cost?

The price of a cancellation insurance contract is 6.5% of the total cost of the stay, but may vary depending on the stay and KOALA's adjustment criteria.


Don't hesitate to contact us before or even after you register for your stay.