Millet Safety Academy Gallery
Millet climbing and mountaineering gallery


This course is open to all those who not only want to learn about the basics of mountain safety, but who also dream of learning the right reflexes for outings.

An in-store information session on preparing a mountain outing and risk management, led by professional mountain guides.

  • weather and topo
  • altitude
  • equipment on output
  • Risk analysis
  • stone falls
  • managing falls climbing or slope
  • and many other points ...

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The video SAFETY ACADEMY Summer by Millet


Starts at 7pm, finishes around 9pm

Ticketed entry with limited seating. But don't worry, we'll always find you a little space if you arrive late or accompanied 🙂

Next date SAFETY ACADEMY Summer by Millet

August 26, 2022 - 7:00 pm


Millet Shop
165 Rue du Dr Paccard