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  • Location
    Guadeloupe - Marie Galante
    Guadeloupe - Guadeloupe
  • Level
  • Included
    Accommodation, Half Board, Supervision, Equipment, Transfers
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    from 1.140,00 

An nou pran on lagout*? You guessed it, we're taking you to an island that smells of rum and accras.

You'll be welcomed to Marie-Galante (or "La Galette" to its friends) in Guadeloupe in the French West Indies for a week, with accommodation right on the water, tolearn wing foil. All week long, you'll scour the island's various spots with Céline, your super captain, who will teach you how to wing, board and even tow a foil. It's also an opportunity for you to discover an unspoilt area, with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, traditional food and local distilleries.

We even recommend a visit to the indigoterie 😉 check out the atmosphere HERE

And because it's not easy to ride without equipment, the F-ONE team offers you the Rockait Air, which is just the thing, isn't it?

Put on your eye patch and your best wooden leg, and join the sea of pirates!

*Guadeloupean Creole: Would you like a rum?

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We are sorry, this stay is no longer available

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