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  • Location
    Mèze, Hérault
    Mediterranean and South - Mediterranean and South
  • Level
  • Included
    Instructor, Equipment, Boat, Full board, Accommodation
  • Price
    from 645,00 

*Information and reservations for the 2024 season by telephone only: 06 44 60 40 07 - From 2 people.

I don't know if you've noticed, but wing foils are popping up all over the beaches, and even Titouan Galea, the undisputed wing foil master, didn't see them coming!

Yes, everyone wants that indescribable feeling of flying! But for that, you need training, and the right equipment. That's why we're offering you a 2-day training course with Bruno, F-ONE ambassador, on the emblematic Etang de Thau spot.

A small group of 4, a private boat and a coach just for you, and as usual with an all-inclusive package, all you have to do is let the wind take you.

Ready for a pure ride?

Stay on request

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