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Marin Bikes may come all the way from California, but we've got a feeling we've got a few things in common! And since we're very much in tune with Marin's founders' love of fun, we went to see Morgane to find out how to have fun with their bikes.

That's why we've created a series of fun-filled stays so you can discover the toys Marin Bikes has decided to lend you. Well, toys ... for the play aspect, because their bikes are the bomb, and you might not have time to enjoy the scenery on the way down.


Marin bikes are made for fun. Since the first mountain bikes bearing the Marin Bikes name were launched in 1986, the brand has been dedicated to enriching the lives of its users by building fun, quality bikes that provide years of enjoyment. Our business is based on hard work, passion and the satisfaction of bringing the joy of cycling to riders around the world.

Whether your idea of fun is riding rugged trails to that high alpine lake, pinning on a bib and entering your first race, taking the long way home on your commuter bike, biking to that remote campsite, or simply exploring the neighborhood bike paths, Marin brings the fun to your ride. It's the principle that guides us as we develop new bikes, whether it's for long adventures, discovering new trails, riding the world's toughest racetracks, or surveying cities and countryside.

Each model is designed to be playful and to maximize the possibilities for fun on two wheels.