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Mathis Dumas, 25, is a UFO. An unidentified circulating object that gravitates in the mountain universe without being able to precisely define the orbit in which it evolves.

Rising star of photography, comet shooter in high-level sport, influential star of the Instagram nebula and celestial high-mountain guide, his trajectory is as singular as his profile is unique. Based in Chamonix, in the French Alps, Mathis climbs the most challenging icefalls, Alpine North Face and BigWall in the Alps, Ski raide and Parapente are his daily activities.

As well as being a top-level guide and athlete, he's won some not inconsiderable awards! Mathis has won photography awards from Maria Luisa, National Geographic, RedBull Illume. His photos have appeared on the covers of GQ Magazine and Montagne Magazine, among others, and he has shot commercial film projects for a wide range of clients including Red Bull, Petzl, Scarpa, The North Face, Salomon, National Geographic.

Honestly, there's nothing better if you want photo & video advice.