• Snowboard and Splitboard



Mat Schaer has long been one of the world's leading professional snowboarders, in pursuit of ever more extreme exploits. Today, his past includes flying to Canada and Alaska, using helicopters to drop him off at the summit, and using snowmobiles to transport equipment for filming.

Along with a number of other big names in board sports, including Léo Taillefer, Thomas Delfino, Levi Luggen and snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones, founder of the influential Protect Our Winters association, Mat Schaer is behind Shelter (by Julien Roserens), a successful, committed film that invites viewers to rethink the way they consume the mountains.

For two months, the small squad explored the remote valleys of the Alps, gliding from hut to hut (unheated) to report on the impacts of climate change, while trying to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. Loaded up like mules, with all their gear on their backs, the snowboarders opted for public transport. "In France and Switzerland, between 50 and 70% of skiing-relatedCO2emissions come from tourism-related transport. A winning bet. Schaer has calculated that his carbon emissions with his latest production have been reduced by 100 times compared with his first films.

In short, the right man to discuss ecological impact between two wrinkle sessions 😉