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If you want to fill up on positive attitude, call Estelle!

In love with life, this little lady was born and raised amid the snowflakes of the Arêches Beaufort ski resort in Savoie. From an early age, Estelle was surrounded by the world of downhill skiing. So, at the age of 16, it was a matter of course for her to take her state diploma in Alpine Skiing and teach skiing and snowboarding. The practice of high-level sport has taught her to develop a taste for effort, rigor and mutual support.

Estelle Peretto ski rando yoga Estelle Peretto ski rando yoga

After a wonderful experience with Millet Mountain, a company she worked for for 2 years, she juggled work with her passion for yoga through a very intense practice. To make her dream come true, she took a 200-hour Satiam Yoga course. Attracted by travel, she decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime: crossing America from Canada to Argentina in a van. An incredible experience.

Estelle Peretto ski rando yoga Estelle Peretto ski rando yoga

As soon as she returned to France, Estelle felt a deep need to create and share on her own. Fascinated by the world of mountains and yoga, she decided to set up her own business: Yoga Mountains. She is also a teacher at the Hot Yoga Annecy studio, and would like to complete her training with various courses: 180 hours of Vinyasa Yoga, learning to practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi, 50 hours of Budokon Yoga.

Nurtured by the desire to pass on her love for her two passions, Estelle is a bubble of well-being who will share her experience of the mountains and yoga with you.

Estelle Peretto ski rando yoga