Picture Cover

Our story with PICTURE, going from simple neighbors to real buddies! How did we entice this beautiful brand that had been eyeing us for a while? By sending them messages through our office window.

A few recycled paper airplanes later, we decided together to create the PICTURE experiences and relive the great moments of their adventures.

Our first idea was obvious: to remake Shelter, an emblematic film about the awareness of the preservation of our playground. To push even further, we wanted to relive a part of the mythical film In Gora. To show the best freeride spots in an old school bus. It's a pleasure to be able to create such sessions with PICTURE.


PICTURE, an adventure created by Julien, Jeremy and Vincent, 3 childhood friends.

It all started in 2008. At the time, Jeremy was working as an architect in his family's business but was looking for something new, more in line with his very responsible lifestyle and diet. Vincent had just finished his business studies and was about to enter the workforce. As for Julien, he was working in marketing at Coca-Cola in Paris, far from the mountains, far from the kite spots...

Their desire: to offer something new, that looks like them and that they are passionate about. Skateboarding and snowboarding brands have always had a special importance for them. They then decided to take a crazy gamble by creating their own brand on one condition: that it be 100% committed, eco-designed and part of a sustainable development approach.

Their values: Rider, Protect & Share.

  • The most environmentally friendly product design possible.
  • Original creations, noticed for their fresh and colorful designs, and appreciated for their quality.
  • Controlled selling prices, so that our products are a realistic alternative to conventionally designed products.

100% of Picture products are made of recycled, organic or bio-sourced materials.

"Everything is connected. We ride the spots the planet offers us, we share these moments with our friends, but we also want future generations to be able to enjoy them as much as we do."