"Draw The Line" Mountaineering Impro
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DRAW THE LINE is a bit of crazy project initiated by JULBO.

The aim is to follow live mountaineers, and the community (you) is proposing different routes to take ! A big first, and this year this is Mathieu Maynadier, Vivian Bruchez and Mathéo Jacquemoud who take up the challenge. Probably, you may already had a look onto social networks ?

Well, JULBO is giving you the opportunity to follow their footsteps, not behind your screen, but on sharp Chamonix rocky ridges. The goal is to go improvise your dream climb, taking into account weather conditions, playground knowledge, gear, level, and of course using precious advices from JULBO’s Athletes.

Ready for improvisation ? So let’s got to get summits !

You want to talk with english speaker about this trip, call us +33 6 52 40 16 37

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