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Mémé started out as a ski mountaineer, then gradually moved on to mountaineering. Very early on, his parents let him do his own mountaineering, which enabled him to gain experience at a very young age!

His preferred discipline is mixed, adapting to the terrain with ice axes and crampons.

His finest expedition achievement is the opening of the "Theorem of Sorrow" on Latok 2 in 2012. A technical line on a big mountain where we really got going.

The Lunag was also a great experience, and it was satisfying to be nominated for a piolets d'or.

3 of his outstanding achievements (other than pure difficulty):

Two Big Walls:

"The first is a pure climbing route on a spit in Mexico: "Logical progression" We spent four quiet days doing the route and filming it, it was great, we could have stayed a long time like that away from everything!

When we did our end-of-cycle expedition with the young mountaineering group, I was lucky enough to be part of the rope party that opened the Dickey North East Spur in Alaska.

It was the last big logical line of the Ruth Gorge, we spent 6 days on a very steep wall, the atmosphere was great and the climb wasn't as painful as in the Himalayas, a great memory".